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We are a company dedicated to providing high-quality, all-natural products promoting health and wellness for humans and pets. Our pet tincture is no exception.

But why use Hemp For Your Pet in the first place?

Our pet tincture is designed to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and support overall wellness in your pet. Whether your pet is dealing with separation anxiety, or nervousness, or just needs a little extra support, our pet tincture can help.

And because we believe in transparency and trust, we provide third-party lab reports for all of our products. This means you can see exactly what’s in our pet tincture and be assured that it’s safe and effective for your pet.

At TruHarvest Farms, we believe that pets are part of the family, and they deserve the best. That’s why we put so much care and attention into our pet tincture, and all of our products. We want to help your pet live its best life, naturally.

Experience the natural power of hemp oil –
the perfect addition to your Pet’s wellness routine.

Here are five potential benefits of CBD for dogs and cats

  1. Pain Relief: Hemp oil may help alleviate chronic pain in dogs and cats by reducing inflammation and improving their overall comfort levels.
  2. Anxiety Relief: Hemp oil may help reduce anxiety in pets, helping them to relax and feel more at ease.
  3. Seizure Management: Hemp oil has been shown to have anticonvulsant properties, which means it may be helpful in managing seizures in pets.
  4. Improved Appetite: hemp oil may help stimulate appetite in pets who have lost their appetite due to illness or medication.
  5. Skin and Coat Health: Hemp oil may help improve skin and coat health in pets by reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cell growth.

Transform Your Pet’s Wellness with Our All-Natural Hemp Oil Extract

Our pet tincture is made with only the finest ingredients, including organic hemp extract and coconut oil. We use a special process to ensure that our tincture is free from any harmful chemicals or additives, so you can feel confident giving it to your furry friend.

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Determining an effective dosage of hemp oil or other extracts for your pet isn’t necessarily dependent on size and weight; individual sensitivities to hemp can vary significantly and may even transform with age or if the animal suffers from a chronic condition.

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